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LS9 Inc Logo“Gorge has been fantastic! They are extremely customer-focused, detail-oriented, and have extensive knowledge of the biofuels industry. During our manufacturing campaigns, Gorge has been an effective partner. They have consistently analyzed our samples quickly so we could continue our process with minimal down time.”
– Tim Revak, Senior Director Process Development, LS9 Inc.

Meggitt PLC Logo

“Gorge Analytical performed a fuel contamination test for my company as part of a military specification qualification effort in July of 2010. Gorge Analytical was chosen as a candidate to perform this test due to their experience with fuel testing and their ASTM affiliation. Jeff Fetkenhour and I engaged in a number of technical discussions in the months prior to conducting the contamination test. Jeff was very knowledgeable about the test procedure and specifications and was able to clarify the reasoning and evolution of the test and provide supporting documentation. During the testing effort at Gorge Analytical, I brought several of my customers to witness the test milestones. We were hospitably welcomed and were provided a lounge with internet access to work while setup and testing was being performed. We were very impressed at the cleanliness and organization of the facility. The lab was able to show us all calibration records and information sheets for the equipment that was going to be used for our test. Prior to testing, we conducted a detailed test review with Jeff where the need for small deviations from the original testing procedure were discovered. Jeff and his staff happily accommodated these changes and provided us a revised testing procedure and schedule within the hour. Gorge Analytical allowed us to be present for the segments of testing we wished to witness and provided us any photographs we required. The staff was very meticulous with our sample and paid heavy attention to the detail in performing the procedure. Gorge Analytical was able to provide a test report within a week after testing. I enjoyed working with Jeff and Gorge Analytical and have since referred him to several of my colleagues. I hope to have the opportunity to work with Gorge Analytical in the future.”
– Shashank Amburkar, Engineer, Meggitt PLC

Cobalt Technologies Logo“It has been more than 1 ½ years working in collaboration with Gorge Analytical; and I can describe it with just one word, Great! They have excellent communication and very fast turnaround time. We have used some of their standard panels for bio-fuels and in addition they have developed and adapted new analytical methods tailored to our specific needs. There hasn’t been a single time that they haven’t supported any of our requests or challenging needs. We are definitely looking forward to keeping Gorge Analytical support and to collaboration for a long time.”
– Victor Nava, Ph.D., Group Leader – Analytical Chemistry, Cobalt Technologies

Gen X Energies Logo“Gorge Analytical testing services are proven to be second to none. The commitment to quality and expedient results are crucial to maintaining a competitive advantage in our industry. Their expertise is paramount to our Biodiesel Quality Assurance Program and we are proud to refer their services to others.”
– Scott Johnson, President/CEO, Gen-X Energy Group, Inc.
– Ramon Benavides, CFO, Gen-X Energy Group, Inc.

Star Oil Co Logo“The most important thing as a biodiesel supplier is ensuring product quality and responding to a fuel quality question. Our entire business is built on guaranteeing ASTM specifications. The most critical thing required to meet our customer’s needs is a lab that understands biodiesel intimately and can speak conversantly in the terms our customers need to see. Gorge Analytical gets it. You will find no other lab as capable and willing to work hard for your customer’s needs as Gorge Analytical.”
– Mark Fitz, General Manager, Star Oil Company

Utah Biodiesel Supply LogoGorge Analytical rocks! We’ve used them a few times for our own projects and recommended them to our customers on a regular basis and have always been impressed with how knowledgeable they are in the Biodiesel testing market. Their expertise and their ability to share that expertise with us and our customers has been awesome! Jeff is particularly great to work with because he goes out of his way to make sure every project is done in a professional manner, is done with a deep level of knowledge and understanding, and has always been great to contact if we had any questions about the test results. We highly recommend Gorge Analytical for our Biodiesel Testing services and continue to hear great feedback from our customers that use them.”
-Graydon Blair, President, Utah Biodiesel Supply

Whole Energy Logo“Jeff has a deep knowledge base in biodiesel and fuels testing and has provided invaluable analysis and testing for Whole Energy over the years. We have also benefited from a very high level of dedication in helping us to understand and develop our companies products and processes.”
-Atul Deshmane, President, Whole Energy

Propel Logo“Jeff and Gorge have provided Propel Fuels not only with exceptional and reliable service over the past 5 years as a testing provider, but also came to the table as true thought partners in developing a Quality Assurance program early on. As a company, Propel is held to high standards by state and federal regulators and the program developed with Gorge provides clear testing thresholds and control mechanisms that allow propel to have great confidence in our high quality biodiesel and ethanol products. Gorge’s service has consistently been great and runs a true partnership with Jeff and his team always on the ready to share their deep knowledge and expertise. They have been a pleasure to partner with!”
– Andrew Weber, Director Operations, Support and Branded Supply, Propel Fuels

crimson-logo“I can honestly say when we need to double check our equipment or the quality of our product we go to Gorge Analytical. We sell to the majority of the majors in the area that hold us to the highest of standards. These are BQ9000 and Kinder Morgan Pipeline Specifications. Gorge is a pillar of support when it comes to meeting these tight specifications day in and day out.”
– Cory Busby, Plant Manager, Crimson Renewable Energy

Logo motto color -high res“Gorge Analytical has provided us with the confidence and the peace of mind that only a truly first class laboratory can bring. Not only are their technical abilities exceptional, but their connections also give them a deep insight into the biofuel community. Gorge was instrumental in helping us to obtain our BQ-9000 producer status. We highly recommend Gorge for any testing that you might need.”
-Matthew Rutherford, Process Manager, General Biodiesel