Quality Assurance

The quality of biofuel is critical to performance and acceptance in the market. Gorge Analytical advocates the standards-setting organizations in the U.S. (ASTM) and Europe (CEN) which have designated requirements for biofuel quality. Gorge Analytical supports its partners to reach the expectations of the BQ9000 metrics ushered in by the National Biodiesel Board (NBB) for consistent biodiesel quality end-users can trust.

With principle staff as a voting member on ASTM committees that oversee biofuel standards, Gorge Analytical has significant insight and involvement with industry experts. Gorge Analytical strives to facilitate the design of appropriate fuel standards and exceed all quality expectations set by the industry.

The most-valued analytical test requirement by biofuel producers and distributors relies on capable gas chromatographers. The Gorge Analytical staff consists of highly trained gas chromatographers with more than 30 years of combined experience.

How We Ensure Quality

  • Gorge Analytical is an EPA-approved diesel sulfur test facility for sulfur analysis of ULSD and low-sulfur diesel.
  • Gorge Analytical participates in inter-laboratory proficiency testing three times per year to validate that accurate analytical results are attainable.
  • Duplicate samples are analyzed periodically to demonstrate precision.
  • Analytical method performance is monitored through the use of certified reference standards and through the maintenance of calibrated instrumentation.
  • Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) protocols are followed and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) guide daily operations.
  • Instrument maintenance is performance-based to avoid unnecessary perturbations to sensitive equipment.
  • Annual service contracts with instrument vendors are maintained to benefit from technical support staff insight and to stay informed of technical advancements and method optimization opportunities that can enhance instrument performance and method reliability.
  • Analysts complete instrument-specific training and certification to document proficiency.

By establishing a reputation for fast analytical turnaround, exceptional quality and customer service, Gorge Analytical will earn your trust as your preferred laboratory.