TBF Testing

TBF Analysis

We provide accurate instrumental analyses and analytical testing of triglyceride burner fuel (TBF) required to meet the ASTM D7666 specification. Rely on our fast turnaround to give you competitive advantage with access to technical experts for interpretation of your data.

Test Method
Min. Amt.
Pour Point ASTM D97  100 mL
Flash Point ASTM D93  225 mL
Water and Sediment ASTM D2709  100 mL
Kinematic Viscosity ASTM D445  50 mL
Density ASTM D4052  20 mL
Total Acid Number ASTM D664  50 mL
Titer ASTM D1982  100 mL
Ash ASTM D482  25 mL
Sulfur by ICP-OES ASTM D5185  25 mL
Insolubles ASTM D128  25 mL
Gross Heating Value ASTM D240  10 mL