Feedstock Testing

Feedstock Analysis

We provide accurate instrumental analyses and analytical testing of feestock material required for biofuel production and subsequent legitimate RIN generation. Rely on our fast turnaround to give you competitive advantage with access to technical experts for interpretation of your data. Call us about the Feedstock Conformance Program (FCP).

Test Method
Min. Amt.
Oil Content in Oilseeds AOCS Am 2-93
0.25 lb
Moisture and Volatile Matter AOCS Ca 2d-25
25 mL
Insoluble Impurities AOCS Ca 3a-46
25 mL
Unsaponifiables AOCS Ca 6a-40
10 mL
Fatty Acid Composition – GC AOCS Ce 1-62
25 mL
Moisture by Coulometric KF AOCS Ca 2e-84
5 mL
Phosphorus by ICP-OES AOCS Ca 20-99
50 mL
Sediment by Centrifuge AOCS Ca 3d-02
225 mL
Free Fatty Acid – Titration AOCS Ca 5a-40
100 mL
Sulfur by ICP-OES AOCS Ca 17-01 (Mod)
50 mL
Iron by ICP-OES (Dissolved) AOCS Ca 17-01
50 mL
Copper by ICP-OES (Dissolved) AOCS Ca 17-01
50 mL
Oxidation Stability Index AOCS Cd 12b-92
25 mL