Gorge Receives Accreditation

logo_lab_smal[1]On August 15, 2013, Gorge Analytical, LLC received its BQ-9000 accreditation through the National Biodiesel Accreditation Commission (NBAC). BQ-9000 is a voluntary program for producers, marketers, and laboratories involved in the manufacture, distribution, and testing of biofuels, specfically biodiesel, to demonstrate that they institute and maintain a quality management system (QMS). The BQ-9000 program strives to provide consumer confidence in the biofuels industry through rigorous evaluation of companies seeking accreditation. Accredited companies are required to provide to the external auditor objective evidence of standard operating procedures for conducting operations within the facility, record-keeping procedures, reporting procedures, and corrective action procedures.

As a BQ-9000 accredited laboratory, Gorge Analytical, LLC has shown that we maintain systems for the evaluation of fuel quality. As part of the accreditation requirement, we will continue to participate in the ASTM Interlaboratory Check Program (ILCP) for biodiesel (as we have tri-annually for the past 6 years), be subject to an annual evaluation by the NBAC, and agree to abide by the program requirements. We believe that this accreditation validates our commitment to the accurate testing and reporting of fuel quality analyses. If you have questions about our accreditation, achieving your own accreditation, or the BQ-9000 program, in general, please contact the lab.