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Fuel Quality Considerations – In Review

This PDF contains the slides from the National Biodiesel Troubleshooting Hotline Webinar Series on Fuel Quality Consideration. (Feb. 2, 2010)

Biodiesel Magazine, January 2009 –
Check the Z: Assuring Accuracy in Laboratory Tests

Consumer confidence is vital to biodiesel’s image in the marketplace. Therefore, laboratories testing the fuel must remain consistent and accurate. Performance indicators are available to assess laboratory performance.

Biodiesel Fuel Quality and ASTM Testing

The quality of biodiesel is critical to performance and acceptance in the market. ASTM International has established the standards by which biodiesel fuel quality is evaluated. This workshop was presented by Gorge Analytical’s President, Jeff Fetkenhour, at the Collective Biofuels Conference in Temecula, CA on August 18, 2012.

Biodiesel Magazine, September 2013 –
Measuring Reaction and Separation

Validating the extent of reaction and subsequent separation of glycerin from the finished biodiesel product is critical for producers. This article is intended to help laboratory personnel understand the fundamentals of generating accurate Free and Total Glycerin data.