The GA Difference

Consulting Services from Subject Matter Experts

Gorge Analytical provides consulting and analytical services to new and existing biofuel producers, distributors, and end-users to identify required testing needs, facilitate plant systemization, and provide laboratory services that ensure optimized production operations and fuel quality standards.

Gorge Analytical provides the following technical planning and consulting services:

  • Lifecycle partnerships for sustainable success
  • Identification of testing requirements to certify biofuel
  • Calibration of on-site analytical equipment
  • Development of standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Establishment of traceability and Chain of Custody protocols
  • Development of sampling plans for process control and certification
  • Laboratory safety assessments
  • Laboratory waste management practices
  • Interpretation of analytical results
  • Document control
  • Evaluation of plant processes and determination of process improvements
  • Technical support for on-site analytical equipment

Gorge Analytical is creating partnerships through collaboration and teamwork to support local communities!

  • We help you allocate your analytical budget wisely.
  • We collaborate to focus on critical specifications first.
  • We respond to your unique requirements.