Testing Research and Development

Perhaps you are developing a new product or troubleshooting a process that requires a specific set of tests to serve your needs. Perhaps you want help identifying the appropriate test(s) to answer your questions.

Gorge Analytical, LLC supports a broad scope of analytical instrumentation and analytical techniques.

Our experience enables our scientists to work collaboratively with you and your team to develop and adapt analyses tailored to your specific needs.

We strive to conduct analyses in accordance with standard methods; we develop new methods in a manner consistent with recognized analytical techniques suitable for the material matrix.

Our experience with material characterization, compositional analysis, and research and development support enables us to make recommendations for testing that will generate meaningful data for critical decisions.

Project Examples

  • Identification and characterization of unknown material found in distillation column.
  • Blend and dosing studies for fuel additives (anti-oxidants, low temperature operability)
  • Blend studies for flash point
  • Blend studies for total acid number
  • Blend studies for kinematic viscosity
  • Impact of saturated monoglyceride compounds on cloud point and CSFT
  • Identification and quantification of process impurities to optimize Butanol purity
  • Gum residue in Jet Fuel from fuel cell bladders
  • Source analysis for process contamination